Had the pleasure of working with Greg to secure a solid deal on a new stelvio. Greg, we thank you so much for working literally all day to make our deal happen. You said a price, you delivered and we appreciate you for that. Phenomenal, professional, customer service (our car was delivered to our home at 10 pm). Glad there are brokers out there who deliver on what they say and don't play games.

Gevork K

Thanks to Greg and Vahag, I"m now driving my dream car. The deal I got on my car was amazing. I called them and I couldn't believe within two hours I got my new car. They're super intelligent, fast and professional. They have a lot of knowledge in what they do.

Garik H.

If you're looking for a car CML is the place to go. Art was very helpful making sure I got the car I wanted for the best price.  He helped me find the car in a day and facilitated the deal for me. I was in my new car the next day. 5/5 I highly recommend.

Samvel M

I flew out from Sacramento to Los Angeles to specifically lease 2 cars with Vahag and I am 100% satisfied with his amazing work. I leased a 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio and it took only 1 hour for the approval with paperwork. He was so patient with us since we weren't 100% on which color we wanted yet. I will be leasing another car very soon that he has been working so hard on to get the exact one we want. Can not wait for future leases to come. Very highly recommend.

Elmira A.

Amazing service

Amazing service

One thing I have to admit is Vahag was amazing from the moment I called him he never stopped responding to my texts and calls. If he was busy at the moment he would always kindly call or text back. I got an amazing deal from CML no questions asked. The whole team just has impeccable timing and organization. All in all I'll say they are the best leading team and Vahag is the best broker I've ever dealt with. He got me a car literally in 3 days and I finished the paper work with no haggle and no back and forth within 15 minutes. I will 100% go back to him with no questions asked.

Rafael M

I cannot imagine going anywhere else after the outstanding service I was rendered by Vahag. He worked with me day and night to find the perfect car! Once we had decided on a model, the same day the car was ready for me. And don't get me started on the deal I got! Absolutely beat any other offer out there. Vahag truly made my car leasing experience as effortless as possible. 10/10 all around experience, I highly recommend CML to anyone out there looking to lease their next dream car!

Ara N.

Me being the car enthusiast and picky person that I am w my cars, I respect and thank my guy Alex for being professional and making my car purchase as easy as it can get. Whatever your budget is regardless of you knowing what car you want or not, he'll make sure he puts you behind a car that not only you'll enjoy but something that's within your budget as well. Thanks brotha for making my experience a good one.

Emmanuel F.

I had decided very suddenly to get a new car and Vahag was happy to help and very accommodating! It was great to have someone available to handle speaking to the dealership and not having to go over contracts and approvals myself. I asked him to look into information on a Range Rover Evoque and he got back to me within minutes, and was very patient when I changed my mind about color and other specifications, until we were sure we had the car I wanted. Once we were sure, Vahag had my credit approved faster than ever and really took all the headache and worry out of getting a new car. Love my new car and will always work with Vahag in the future for me and my family

Mane K.

I'm so glad I called Artashes to help me find some cars in my budget, in this crazy market. I was so confused about where to start in the car buying process that I was lagging it for as long as possible. He explained everything so well and was always ready to answer my millions of questions! I will definitely be coming back when my lease for my new car is over 🙂

Diana M

I had never leased a car from a broker before, so naturally I was a bit skeptical, but Greg was an excellent guide. He was very professional, responsive, efficient, and most importantly, knowledgeable. Not to mention, he went above and beyond to return my previous vehicle (very last minute). The entire process was quick and easy, including paperwork. My car was delivered the very same day, and I was able to avoid going to the dealership. Thank you Greg and the entire team for the excellent service!!!

An M.


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